our story

about arôme candles
arôme is a Miami-based candle company specializing in coconut-blend candles and custom fragrances. 
Always interested in candles and all things decadent and fragrant, two curly-headed sisters started arôme from their kitchen in 2018. Together they hand-make and hand-pour each candle with love. Their goal? To bring warmth, comfort and flavor from their house to yours. 
In the fast paced society that we live in, arôme was thoughtfully created to help you pause and enjoy life's moments. Our candles are in no way meant to be the main course, they are the accent - dare we say the hint of flavor - that adds to every important milestone you experience. 


why arôme?
arôme was hand-crafted with love by sisters Raphaelle and Stephanie in their Florida kitchen. Inspired by the burned pots and delicious perfume oils, arôme is today a reflection of the beauty and community that comes from the heart of the home. 
As young girls, they'd visit their grandmother's home after school and smell dinner as soon as they walked in. The years went by, and now as young adults, they gather around the kitchen sipping on wine with their family as dinner preps for gatherings. The kitchen and the scents that come along with it are synonymous with memories that will last a lifetime. Those aromas will forever remind them of the belly-filled laughs shared with friends, sisters and important women in their lives. 
arôme is about the power smells can have on someones life. The goal is that arôme allows you to authentically connect with the ones you love and brings back meaningful memories.