arôme is a small batch candle company based in sunny Florida. Inspired by the burned pots and delicious perfume oils, arôme is today a reflection of the beauty and community that comes from the heart of the home - the kitchen.

Our candles are hand-poured in our kitchen studio using sustainable coconut wax and phthalate-free perfume oils. With an audible crackling wooden wick and dreamy aromas that fill your space, our candles are made to bring back memories.

The Ône

"Light citrus smell! Not overpowering. Just as if you walked by a grapefruit tree the fresh welcomes you as you open the box. Love it!"

- Claudinette


"THIS. CANDLE. IS. EVERYTHING! Every night after my shower I light this candle and snuggle up alone in bed. The smell is phenomenal and cozy! The sound of the wick burning brings me back to sitting in front of my wood burning stove during the winter months in Washington. If you are wondering whether this candle is worth it or not, do not think twice! The secret is out my friends, Speakeasy can not be beat."

- Amela


"I work from home, with 2 dogs and a rabbit, hanging out in my bonus room/office space. Needed a candle that would create a pleasant atmosphere and hide my furbabies' odors, especially after being out in the sun. This works perfectly, not overpowering with a crisp, outdoor scent."

- Nora

A Fresh Spin

"This scent is so refreshing and relaxing. I usually leave it burning for 1 1/2-2 hours and the scent is just as strong as it was when I first got it. The wood wick really invokes a sense of coziness with its crackling. And did I mention it has such chic packaging and jar?! It is very aesthetically pleasing! Overall a great candle that I will be sure to not only replace when it burns out!"

- Jasmyne


"This smooth roasted coffee bean & coconut cream candle is perfect ! The scent is perfect . It’s this amazingly delicate yet powerful scent. It gets the attention when you walk in the room and it’s memorable but it isn’t begging for attention."

- Lina