Trio Candle Set

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SAUVAGE - If talk, dark and handsome, was a fragrance, then Sauvage is it! When you light this candle, you’ll fill the room with the captivating scent of a sophisticated gentleman. With the intense arôme of patchouli and cedarwood, Sauvage is a sensual fragrance that’s a must-have on Valentine’s day. Ladies, no need to steal your man’s hoodie anymore; this candle will do the trick. Men, you can thank us later!

IRRESISTIBLE - When you light this candle, a hot date and sexy lingerie are somewhere in the mix. But if cozying up at home and indulging in some self-love this Galentine’s day is more your speed, this is still the candle for you. Irresistible is sultry with a hint of sweetness and has an arôme that’s complex, intriguing and sensual all in one.

ALLURE - Want to celebrate Valentine’s day but not give in to the holiday hype? The sweet scent of Allure is a great way to get your fragrance fix without being too obvious. This scent is an alluring balance of tart and sweet that will have you feeling the love all month long!