His & Hers

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SAUVAGE - If talk, dark and handsome, was a fragrance, then Sauvage is it! When you light this candle, you’ll fill the room with the captivating scent of a sophisticated gentleman. With the intense arôme of patchouli and cedarwood, Sauvage is a sensual fragrance that’s a must-have on Valentine’s day. Ladies, no need to steal your man’s hoodie anymore; this candle will do the trick. Men, you can thank us later!

IRRESISTIBLE - When you light this candle, a hot date and sexy lingerie are somewhere in the mix. But if cozying up at home and indulging in some self-love this Galentine’s day is more your speed, this is still the candle for you. Irresistible is sultry with a hint of sweetness and has an arôme that’s complex, intriguing and sensual all in one.